In 1875, the area which formed the community of Georgianna was homesteaded. Prayer meetings were held in homes by Reverend James White.  In 1885, Franklin and Sally Allen donated the land where the church now stands and construction began in 1886. Lumber was shipped from St. Augustine by sailboat and carried over land from the Indian River to the building site by men of the community. The older men, who were not able to do heavy work, matched the grained lumber for the inside walls and ceiling. D.C. Munson delivered the homebuilt pews to the building. The building still houses much of the original lumber and the pews are still being used.


The first worship service was conducted by Reverend Michael Black in the partially completed church on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1886. The church was abandoned for a brief period from 1950-1955, and then was reopened. An addition, known as Murray Hall, our current Senior Pastor’s office, was added to the original structure in the late 1950’s. A log cabin-style structure, the Allie & Ken Hall Church School Building, was added to the site in 1981. This building now houses our staff offices.


A stained glass hanging, designed and crafted by Gerry Hawkins, was given to the church on its 100th anniversary, November 23, 1986, and hangs in the sanctuary above the pulpit.  In 1994 and 1995, Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Gail Stalnaker provided the materials and Jeff’s father, Leo Stalnaker, created the beautiful stained glass windows for the sanctuary.


The Georgianna Club, originally built in 1910, was given to Georgianna in 1992 by the Provost family and was renamed the Provost Fellowship Hall.  This gift was to become, a few years later, a greater blessing than anyone could have possibly imagined.


The Reverend Ned Kellar shepherded the Georgianna congregation from 1970 to 1998. The congregation continued to grow and Reverend Kellar paved the way for Georgianna to welcome a full-time pastor when he retired in 1998. At that time, a parsonage was purchased to provide housing for our pastoral family; and Reverend Charles Parker was the pastor at Georgianna from 1998 to 2004.


In September 1998, a BMW rammed the front corner of the church moving the building approximately twelve inches. The Provost Fellowship Hall was quickly transformed to accommodate Sunday worship services until repairs on the sanctuary could be completed.


Reverend Corky Calhoun arrived in June 2004 and Georgianna experienced unprecedented growth. Provost Fellowship Hall was once again transformed into a worship center, housing our contemporary worship services, as the “Because We Believe” capital campaign began in 2005. The campaign was blessed with a tremendous response, and Georgianna was able to break ground on July 15, 2007, on a 9,600-square foot Transformational Life Center, which includes a worship center and classrooms. The TLC was designed to enhance the architecture of the original church and has become a beautiful addition to the South Merritt Island landscape. In February 2009, we began utilizing this new space.


The most important part of Georgianna’s history, however, is not about buildings, but about the people, the Body of Christ. Georgianna is well-known for its warmly welcoming congregation and for caring for our community. The warmth of this church family and the dedication to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ, by being His hands and feet in our community is what makes Georgianna “A Place to Belong and A Place to Become.”  This is the legacy which has been passed down through the years, and which is ours to sustain. We believe that we were given a special purpose. Our mission is very simple, but very important.